Visit Jamaica

Visit Jamaica – the nation of sunshine, joy and good vibes.

Jamaica has seen a vast and rapid growth in tourism over recent decades, with infrastructure improvements and attractions both built and enhanced to meet the demands of burgeoning numbers of visitors passing by the island aboard cruise ships or staying in resorts.

Never a better time to visit Kingston – the capital city

The nation’s capital Kingston has enjoyed growing appeal, with its various markets, museums and the beautiful botanic Hope Gardens all in prime condition for visitors. Those keen to hear about Jamaica’s colonial past in connection to the UK will be pleased to know that the island’s museums detail plentifully the island’s legacy, while old plantations still remain standing with several converted into modern homes or for educational exhibition purposes.

Accommodation and cuisine

Whether you favour exclusive hotel dining or wish to venture out to the marketplace stalls for some authentic Jamaican food, Kingston is blessed with choice suiting all. Popular venues include the Delta Kingston Waterfront and the Residence Inn, while numerous resorts all around the island offer a huge, multi-regional selection of food within all-inclusive deals.

Visit Jamaica for its culture and beauty

Famed for musical idols such as Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff, and the rich jerk cuisine that emanates from the island’s kitchens, Jamaica is a beautiful place stocked to the brim with culture. What’s more, much of the music and verve which so defines the island has found itself in the UK with the Afro-Caribbean diasporas setting up businesses and community centres emphasizing the joyful virtues of Caribbean culture.

Visit Jamaica for the Anglo-Jamaican relationship

The cultural exchange works both ways however, with cricket a much celebrated sport in Jamaica, with hundreds of British fans heading there to witness England tour against the West Indies team once every few years. The colonial legacy has been important too, with the British High Commission in Kingston working tirelessly to promote the history and relations between the UK and Jamaica.

Visit Jamaica for its fabulous natural environment

Outside Kingston city, the Jamaican Blue Mountains are ripe for touring, the contoured, tropical forest blanketed hills a wonderful and scenic sight. Fresh fruit grown on the island such as bananas are sold all year round, with the scenic Montego Bay graced by palm trees and sunny skies another favoured spot for visiting. A comprehensive tour of Jamaica to do the island true justice would likely take some time, and that’s before you start thinking about all the activities available on the sea.

How to visit Jamaica

Flights from the UK to Kingston airport arrive and depart frequently, with easy taxi transfers to your hotel or resort available either via your airline or via a local service. Often, fliers will pass through Miami, although direct flights are available to and from London Heathrow. If you book a cruise, Kingston itself is the usual stopover point, with Kingston Marina and port easy to find relative to the rest of the city and its sights.

When you visit Jamaica, you’re witnessing life itself!

If you find yourself enjoying reggae music, or sampling some delicious jerk spice or signature sauces, or just want to experience a vibrant culture and natural environment with an exuberant difference – perhaps a journey to Jamaica can really bring some colour to your life?

Plenty of entertainment, colourful food and a vibrantly stylish welcome – what more could you want from a holiday?